May 19, 2020 Update

Dear Friends of Meals of Gratitude:  

Today and tomorrow we will be sending you important Meals of Gratitude Updates.  

First, today we wanted to give you an update on what we have done so far, with your help and support!  

  • Weeks of Meals of Gratitude: 9 
  • Meals: 8,182 Units Served at Stanford Hospital: ICUs, Palliative Care, Nursing, Respiratory Services, Labs, Hospital Medicine, Virology/Microbiology, Infection Control, ED EMTs, Dialysis, Inpatient Pharmacy, among others 
  • Restaurant staff employed: One baker to make 1000 cookies a week, one cook to make 1000 Flea Street Biscuits, 5 cooks to prepare and package meals 
  • Local food providers used: Handsful of Produce Farms, Marin Sun Mean, 2BySea local seafood, Harley Farm Goat Cheese, Clover Dairy 
  • Funds Raised: $252,207 
  • Donors: 629 community members  

This is just spectacular and we are so moved by your generous demonstration of the strong bonds between the three points of our community triangle: 1) frontline healthcare workers; 2) restaurant workers and food providers; and 3) supporters giving donations of all sizes.  As most of you know, while the crisis is dynamic and changing, it is far from over. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a message from us about the next steps we will be taking together for Meals of Gratitude. 

— Holly and Jesse