We are so grateful for the outpouring of generosity for Meals of Gratitude. It is truly a testament to the compassionate spirit of our community.

How are donations used?

Meals of Gratitude is a 100% volunteer effort. Donations enable us to provide meals to healthcare workers on the frontlines as well as support a local, independent restaurant and their staff. 100% of donations go toward feeding our healthcare workers, with the exception of credit card processing fees which are not, at this time, waived. The Open Collective fees have generously been waived.

What is your donation goal?

Our current goal as of April 1st is to raise $150,000. This will enable us to deliver 1,000 meals a week through the end of May 2020. To date, in less than 2 weeks of fundraising, we have already raised $60,000 and are grateful to all contributors, large and small.

How much does a meal cost?

When our initiative first began on March 20th, the cost of one full meal was $25. Since then, we have been able to reduce costs to $15 for a full meal which includes a hearty soup, an entree salad, organic fruit, a Flea Street biscuit, and a little something sweet. The meals are designed for staff to have access to when they are able to take a break.

Who makes the meals?

The meals are made by staff from Flea Street and Cool Cafe at Stanford. We are extremely cautious about food safety and sanitation and our staff is highly trained. From every step of preparation to delivery, we follow a protocol in conjunction with the hospital. We will consider expanding to other restaurants and hospitals if our funding, and the needs, grow.

Which hospitals receive the meals?

At this time, we are supporting Stanford University Hospital. The units that receive meals rotate based on daily needs and in coordination with the hospital. We currently have the capacity to serve 1,000 meals a week.

How can I start something like this in my area?

We are currently working on a guide to help others interested in starting something in their area, as well as a resource list of similar initiatives already in place around the country. Please contact us at info@mealsofgratitude.org for more information. Thank you!